You've tried many different spiritual practices, but you still feel like there's a secret you're missing out on. An intimate connection to yourself and the universe that you know is there, but feels hard to grasp.

You’re sick of feeling stuck, confused and disconnected.

You’ve read about the importance of rituals, but you haven’t quite found the thing that works for you.

You long for freedom, confidence and radiance. You know you could shine brighter.

You are ready to be seen.

Are you ready to

journey with a powerful yet gentle plant ally that will help you uncover where you have been holding yourself back?

know what it feels like to truly have your own back, and have an entire toolkit to support you through the emotional waves of your life?

be your own biggest cheerleader as you shed old stories and identities and
step into the truth of who you are?

step into the next-level soul-initiation of your life's journey by connecting with the higher intelligence of the plant realm?

fully embody your magic to make a real impact in your life?

Cacao's Got Your Back

Imagine having an intimate relationship with a powerful plant spirit that you are able to connect with at any time.

Cacao is a gentle yet powerful plant teacher who is here to help you reconnect with your heart-guided soul path in this life. Her heart medicine has been honored & stewarded by indigenous Mesoamerican cultures for over 4,000 years, and the Cacao bean's unique chemical makeup has earned the scientific name "The Food of the Gods." As a womxn who is re-membering my matrilineal Mexican roots, my understanding of who I am has deepened since I began working with this sacred medicine.

Cacao's active ingredients increase blood flow in your body and help you reconnect with your intuition, so you can get clear on your heart's deepest desires and embody more of your spirit. Drinking ceremonial Cacao releases 'feel good' chemicals in your brain resulting in an expansive, uplifted state where you can experience more love, more radiance, and more courage to be fully seen.

Cacao can help you shift from confusion to clarity, doubt to trust and fear to confidence.

Whether you want to fully step into your power, reconnect with the Spirits of Earth & Sky for guidance on your path, or create a strong, supportive community, Cacao can give you the insight, awareness and the loving container that you need to reconnect with your heart and live from that place.

After working with Cacao for the past three years, I am now ready to share my wisdom with you so that you too can follow your heart and be guided into the fullest, most joyful expression of who you are.

you are invited to


with sena maria

In this 6-week online course you will learn how to work with sacred Cacao to open your heart, embody your truth and allow more love into your life.

This holistic course integrates both the practical and the spiritual. We work with The Four Directions as a guide, which is an ancient technology used for health & healing by many cultures around the world.  The Four Directions gives us a framework for the class, and also our lives. By incorporating the directions, elements, animal medicine, and Earth-based archetypes we will journey through the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies as we explore this heart medicine.

Cacao is an accessible plant medicine and most people in the western world have connected with it in the form of processed chocolate. While nearly all of the ancient Cacao rituals were lost during the conquering and colonization of its origin countries, the Cacao tree is still revered by many indigenous cultures today. It is part of the Maya creation story, the Popol Vuh, and from Mexico to Costa Rica you can find communities that have stewarded the Cacao tree for millennia.

Connecting with and honoring the indigenous origins of the Cacao tree has been integral to my path. While not everyone can travel to another country to study, we can invest our valuable energy towards approaching these tools and cultures with respect, and reverence. This cultural context and understanding is a foundational pillar of this course.

When we connect with this tree as sacred, and work with ceremonial-grade Cacao that has been sustainably farmed on its origin lands, the experience and healing available to us is infinite, and we create a direct, supportive connection with the indigenous lands and people that steward this medicine and honor her Spirit.

This course builds a foundation so we can approach this medicine in right relationship, both with the Spirit of Cacao and the lands that she comes from.

We will sit in ceremony together, journeying with Cacao and connecting more deeply with ourselves and each other.

We will learn specific recipes and ways to bring Cacao into our lives and will then create sacred rituals to use this medicine for personal healing.

We will build a personal relationship with Cacao, which in my experience is one of the most healing plants available to us at this time.

are you ready to open you heart?


We will meet via Zoom for our 2 hour classes each week.

Class is currently closed. If you'd like to be in the loop for future dates sign up here.

Week 1 | Introduction To Cacao

• How cacao calls us
• Why the heart is where it's at
• The history of Cacao and honoring indigenous practices
• Tutorial on making your first cup of Cacao
• How to find the good stuff, from suppliers with integrity
• How to craft your perfect morning ritual

You will learn about why reconnecting with the heart through Earth medicine is so important right now and you will understand why you are feeling the call to Cacao. You will have a foundational cultural context that we will continue building upon. You will know how to create your ideal morning ritual and yummy cup of ceremonial cacao, understand how and why Cacao is here to help you open your heart, and you will be plugged in to our active #CacaoTribe community.

Week 2 | Earth & The Physical Body

• Initiation: Earth, South, Serpent
• Introduction to the four directions
• The physical benefits of working with Cacao
• The science of the heart
• The importance of embodiment & how Cacao can help
• Earth medicine & offerings

Starting in the South we will set the foundation with an overview of the 4 Directions, and we will dive into the elements of Earth and Serpent Medicine. You will understand how Cacao ignites your cells with fresh life-force & detoxifies your body. You will create a personal connection to your unique Earth Medicine, and incorporate this into your Cacao rituals.

Week 3 | Water & The Emotional Body

• Initiation: Water, West, Jaguar
• The shamanic approach to getting well
• The importance of feeling
• Emotional healing techniques
• Integrating transformational experiences
• How to set clear boundaries with a radiant open heart

With the strong graceful support of the Jaguar we will dive into our inner emotional waters. You will learn how to go deeper into self-healing by understanding the power you hold within you. You will illuminate the stories you tell yourself & make an empowered choice on which stories you want to keep, and which stories you're ready to release. You will learn ancient ceremonial & energetic protection techniques and understand how to start loving yourself unconditionally. After three weeks of working with Cacao, you will start to notice your light shining a lot brighter.

Week 4 | Cacao Ceremony | Integrate

We will gather together in ceremony to reflect on our experiences in the course thus far. We will build deeper connections with our classmates and have space to re-connect with ourselves, ask questions, and integrate all that we have learned.

Week 5 | Air & The Mental Body

• Initiation: Air, North, Hummingbird
• Plant Spirit medicine overview
• How to connect with the Cacao spirit
• Honoring our Elders
• Cacao and opening your pineal gland
• Balancing our Masculine & Feminine energies
• A discussion around cultural appropriation and privilege

 We connect to our soul journey in the realm of the Hummingbird and our Elders. You will learn about the world of plant medicine, and how to deepen your ability to connect with the spirit of Cacao and other plants for spiritual guidance. By opening your higher energetic centers to communication from other realms, you will feel more held and supported on your path. We will also dive in to the important topic of how to acknowledge and respect the indigenous peoples as we step onto our personal paths.

Week 6 | Fire & The Spiritual Body

•Initiation: Fire, East, Eagle | Condor
• Co-Created Group Cacao Ceremony
• The practice of calling in the 4 directions
• Merging ego with our soul essence
• Intentions for our collective #CacaoTribe

We ignite the divine spark within as we soar into the cosmos together. By receiving direct channeled wisdom from the Cacao Spirit, sound medicine and the unique medicine of the group, you will uncover the wisdom lying dormant within your cells. You will feel free, whole, and connected to yourself and others and experience new levels of unconditional love. The #CacaoTribe heart will be amplified and solidified, and you will come home to your Self in this culminating Cacao ceremony.

This course is a gentle introduction to the tools I have acquired over the last 3 years. While learning new things can stir up fear and anxiety, I encourage you to allow any resistance to be there, but not let it stop you from acting.  I’ve approached my course with the knowing that this is likely very new to many of you, and that this may be your first time ever working with Cacao.

I’m here to support you every step of the way. 

are you ready to open you heart?

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 10.06.17 PM

"There were massive downloads happening, a community being formed, and a bubbling excitement that sparked something inside of me to get my creativity out with the world. This class, with the help of Sena and cacao's magic, showed me I have something valuable to offer to the world." - Kate De La Rosa, Intuitive Wild Mama Creatress


• 2 group Cacao ceremonies
• 1 Ceremonial Cacao starter kit w. 12 servings
• 12 hours of live video classes
• Direct integration support from Sena
• A dedicated Cacao buddy
• Private facebook group and official #CacaoTribe membership
• PDF guide book with recipes and ritual suggestions
• 10% off Cacao orders for 3 months
• Bonus: 2 videos + 2 special audio recordings


“Simply put: it changed my life. Something happened to me while Sena and I were talking, and I began to feel a hard layer around my heart break and blow away. There was pure love flowing between us and it was so healing and empowering to me.” - Mia Q.


  • 1 video of wisdom from the Cacao Spirit channeled by Sena
  • 1 video interview with a Ceremonial Cacao Maker
  • Audio recording and lyrics for 2 sacred Cacao medicine songs
  • Ongoing access to Sena & the family in our active, loving FB community


  • You have heard about Cacao and want to learn more
  • You want more ritual in your life
  • You want to learn about the history of Cacao
  • You want to break free of limiting patterns and beliefs
  • You want to feel empowered to heal yourself
  • You want a deeper connection with yourself and others
  • You want more intimacy and radiance in your life
  • You’ve started working with Cacao individually and would like to understand more specifics about this medicine
  • You want to dive into culturally important topics of privilege, and cultural appropriation in relation to working with ceremonial Cacao
  • You haven’t led a ceremony for others yet, but may in the future
  • You are curious about plant medicine
  • You are looking for a foundational course about Cacao



  • You aren’t ready to open your heart and invite more radiance in
  • You aren’t interested in plants as medicine
  • You don't want to dive into culturally important topics of privilege, and cultural appropriation in relation to working with ceremonial Cacao
  • You’re only interested in Cacao as a superfood to use in smoothies and culinary things
  • You’ve already developed a deep relationship with Cacao and you feel 100% comfortable leading Cacao ceremonies for others
33990824_10155180576731017_464586238746165248_n (1)

"After the course my experience massively shifted. The course prepared me to be more in stillness. It helped me operate from my heart. Sena provides and holds a very safe space for every single person participating. The cacao tribe in the Facebook group is my soul family. That tribe is my safe space and my tribe where i can full heartedly express my feminine energy and I can feel safe I wont be judged. The course is power packed with resources." - Vinoth K.

because  when  we  heal,  the  world  heals


I believe we are here on earth to experience life in its fullest capacity.

My journey has been incredibly transformative. Cacao has aided in various transformational shifts, including quitting my job at Google, breaking free from self-limiting patterns and beliefs, reconnecting with my femininity through relationship with the Earth, and deepening my connection with my ancestors. 

I am a cis-gendered middle-class womxn from Turtle Island, aka the U.S.A. Cacao has helped me bridge my Mexican matrilineal lineage with my father's European roots and aided in a deeper discovery of where I come from, and where I call home. I currently live in Northern California, occupied land of the Nisenan People.

After working with Cacao for the past three years and studying in Peru, Costa Rica & Guatemala I've been fortunate enough to develop a deeper connection with myself and with the spirit of Cacao. While I’ve been on this journey I received many questions along the way. ​What is Cacao? How can I work with it? Where can I purchase it?

I am now ready to share her wisdom with you so that you can drop from your head to your heart, and embody the the fullest, most joyful expression of who you are.

This course is a labor of love. I now know why I left my job to wander the jungle. My vast range of experiences has led me here, right now, to create this heartfelt offering for you.


“Each time I drink Cacao, whether it’s a part of sacred morning me-time or a loving gathering of new and old friends, it sings to me, warms my heart, opens me up and often brings tears to my eyes. The practice of making it at home and at work has slowed me down, brought ritual into my life in a gentle, joyful way, and serves as a reminder of the power of self-care and choosing love.” Sara S.


I really want to join but these times don’t work for me. What can I do?

The recordings will be stored in a private group page so you can watch the course on your own time, and re-watch as many times as you’d like.

I am using antidepressants, am pregnant or breastfeeding, or have a history of epilepsy. Is this course for me?

Cacao contains MAO inhibitors and tryptophan, as well as theobromine which is a gentle stimulant. These can be contraindicated with prescription medications and certain medical conditions. It is recommended to consult with your doctor before ingesting ceremonial doses of cacao (1 oz - 1.5 oz).

It is also recommended to consult with your doctor about safe dosage if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. I go into more details about these topics in the course, too! But, I'm not a medical professional 🙂

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I want to make this powerful class as accessible as possible so I'm offering 2 payment options for the course.

I've never participated in a Cacao ceremony. How does it work virtually?

After practicing for the past year, I've honed my virtual ceremonial space to offer safe, nourishing, illuminating spaces for all who participate. We experience many of the same things that happen in in-person ceremonies, through specific technology and format tailored to an online experience. Trust me, they're divine!

Do I have to drink or eat Cacao to take this course?

Your participation in the exercises shared within the course is voluntary. There are other ways to work with Cacao and share it with others besides ingesting it, which we cover in the course. That being said, drinking ceremonial cacao is the foundation of the course, and you will likely have a better experience if you are able to participate fully.

How many hours per week will this course require?

Our live classes are 1.5 hours/week, and we have 2 group ceremonies that are 2 hours. There will be 1 additional bonus video (<30min) each week, and you will be encouraged to try the recipes, and rituals throughout the week. So, about 4 hours or less each week.

What if I have questions for you during the course?

I am available in our private Facebook group to answer questions, and you can also reach me by e-mail if you prefer. We have space for questions in each live class, and the integration ceremony on week 4 is a place to ask away!

Will I be certified to lead a Cacao ceremony after this course?

Think of this course as a comprehensive foundation for your work with Cacao. Before sharing Cacao with others and holding ceremonial space, it's important to have a deep personal practice with Cacao so you understand the nuances of working with plants as medicine, and can receive clear guidance from her Spirit on whether or not you are ready. I believe that Cacao will call on us when she needs us to start sharing her, and this course covers a lot of content to prepare you adequately for wherever your journey takes you next.

33992919_10160409532595058_2568837695132401664_n (1)

"This course is both a magical and practical compass for the heart. Sena guided me to the depths of my heart space and to connect with myself and others in a loving, expansive way. Working with Sena and Mama Cacao is a divine invitation to connect with my intuition, my higher vibration, my very essence and how to live in that space as often as possible." Dawna M.

are you ready to open you heart?

5% of the profits are donated to the non-profit organization, Konojel